How to increase followers very fast on Instagram? Growth hacks to get 1000 followers in 1 month. (Social media marketing tips and hacks to grow very fast)

If you have a goal like getting 1000 followers in a month, then you are at the right place. We can help you increase your followers exponentially without any paid effort. After all, we just did it ourselves. These are proven steps and following this simple guide will help you reach your goal be it 1000 or 5000 or 10000. You just need to read along with me and repeat what we just did. As we all know getting the first 1000 followers is the most difficult part. So I’m here to help you with it. We at Digital Rosogulla, a digital marketing company, have just reached 1000 followers in just a month’s time. If you are to believe me, this can be done even in 15 days if you are to follow my steps.

To begin with, I’d like to introduce our working team so that you can understand the process better. To begin with, how can I not mention Zeeshan Zafar aka Zishu Bhaiya, the CEO and Lead Trainer at KDMI (Kolkata’s leading digital marketing institute) and founder of Digital Rosogulla. He’s the main man behind everything. Without his guidance and support, nothing would have been possible. Next, we have Muskan Di, our senior member who took over the leadership in Zishu Bhaiya’s absence. Ishika, Siddhi, and Sayantani constitute the creative team. They kept publishing high-quality posts consistently. As you continue to read further you’ll realize the importance of these three members. Lastly, we have Yash, the one writing this blog. I was mostly involved in engaging with other people of the same niche and collaborating with them.

So here’s the simple four-step guide to getting 1000 followers on Instagram in 1 month. Don’t miss out on any of the points, because from here on each and every word is going to be valuable. It is not that easy a process. You need to understand everything to be able to beat the algorithm.


Your content is what is going to drive people to your page and follow you. Make sure that you put up relevant information based on your niche. Also, don’t miss out on the current affairs. These posts are going to get the maximum reach. Use relevant hashtags, in order to help your post reach people who are not yet following you. Try to come up with something creative and make posts that might get viral. After all, the business has only two functions: MARKETING and INNOVATIONS. You can also view our profile for some of the creative posts published by our team.

Quality Content
Engagement Driving Post
  • CONSISTENCY- Planning is very important. If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. You need to be consistent with your posts. We uploaded 90 posts in the span of 1 month. So that’s 3 posts per day. All thanks to Muskan Di, Siddhi, Sayantani and Ishika. You can see how consistent we have been. It’s very important to maintain consistency to keep up with the Instagram algorithm. We even came up with patterns so that our feed looks attractive to all the people who visit our profile. We fixed our post pattern and the timing of our posts. So try and fix the number of posts that you want to publish daily and be consistent with it. CONSISTENT ACTION CREATES CONSISTENT RESULTS.
Consistent Posting
  • ENGAGEMENT – This is one of the most important points. You need to engage with other people and pages. Start talking with other people, engage with them in their posts, and ask them to engage in your posts. This will help you get more likes and comments on your pictures. The Instagram algorithm will react positively to this. You will be able to reach out to more people. You need to work on it, talk in a formal manner, and make it happen. You need to convince people to engage with each other. Business communication matters a lot. A page will be meaningless without its followers. You will have to sit in front of your laptop for hours asking people to engage in your posts. Start following random people and talk with them personally. Ask them to stay connected. Tell them about your page, your services/product. Sell the problem you’re solving not the product. The more the people you talk to, the better it will be. I literally spent 2 hours daily interacting and engaging with people. It is a time taking process but quitting it won’t speed up the process.

  • COLLABORATIONS – Here comes my favorite part. You can collaborate with people of the same niche. Ask them for free shoutouts. Give them one in return. Not just this, but you can come up with other creative ideas as well. CREATIVE WITHOUT STRATEGY IS CALLED ART. CREATIVE WITH STRATEGY IS CALLED ADVERTISING. I am going to share some of the secrets which I thought of and actually helped us grow. We offered free shoutouts to smaller pages and in turn, asked them to like all 90 posts of ours. Do you think it ends there? No, it doesn’t. Even if you get 3 such people on a daily basis who like even 50 photos; that’s 150 likes per day. Now put the maths part in. It sums up to 4500 likes per month. Crazy, isn’t it? Now imagine getting even 1/3rd comments daily. These are nothing short of so-called growth hacks. These growth hacks if applied properly might make you the next famous influencer on Instagram. I mean even that is an understatement. Imagine getting 200 shoutouts in a month. It’s no difficult task. All of this depends on your communication skills. It could be even 10000 likes in a month or 100 likes in a month. The more time you spend, the better will be the results. These are just a few strategies that I thought of. You can come up with something similar. You just need to be consistent and patient. You will eventually get the desired results. On the days when I really worked hard, I got 100 followers in a day. On the other days, it was close to 5 or 10. Consistency will hold the key. Also, if your content isn’t appealing enough your results might decrease by even 50%.

You need not worry even if you’re an individual. The process might take a bit longer, but it will come through. After all, NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES EASY. GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME. Let me give you a few more tips. Create a message in which you will be sending it to 30 people daily. You won’t have to type it again and again. The rest of the day, just keep interacting with these individuals. In this way, you will have already interacted with 900 people in a month. So, don’t you think that getting 1000 followers will be easier now? You can thank me in the comments section later. Oh, and the best part of this blog is that it was written by me even before we crossed 1000 followers on Instagram. This, my friends, is called self-confidence. I had faith in our team that we would get 1000 followers in less than a month. Hoping that you will be able to follow this guide and increase followers very fast.

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