AI Tools for Content Marketing: Your Key to Success!

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Artificial Intelligence is a term that the public in general has been fascinated by since the approach of Hollywood films in the lives of the audience. Where a futuristic scope was presented as in to portray the effect of AI in the lives of the global citizens. The time has come when we see that take shape. From the complexities of medical science to the regular dilemma in the corporate sectors, AI has taken its toll on affecting the lifestyle of the people and even so an integral role in the economy of the Nation.


AI is currently considered to be no less than a virtual bliss. With the launch of chat GPT in the end of November 2022, the power of AI is now a serious consideration amongst the global leaders with the associated enigma. From a local shop vendor to a multi billionaire individual everyone single being is trying out the effectivity of AI in their respective fields to bring out and ensure an epitome quality output and eventual revenue generation in their service.

 Currently the market value of AI stands out to be about 100 billion USD which is estimated to double up to almost 2trillion dollar market share by 2030. Though the initial craze of AI had started around the year 2017, the raise is now however over 2.4 times of what it used to be.

 From a global survey conducted, it has been found out that over 48% respondents have agreed to the immense importance of AI in marketing and over 52% of marketing companies have considered AI to be a part of their regular work schedule.

 However, the world feels a threat might arise as due to the un-ending growth and charisma of AI that however might effect the employment rate on a global basis.

How AI tools enhance Productivity & Quality?

With the global advancements of AI tools, the purpose of AI advancement and usage and has been of a crucial importance. Almost on every single Industry, the importance of AI has been realised and people are more and more tending to utilise it for their own purpose. On a very generic basis, let us look into the benefits of AI:

1. One of the most crucial aspects of AI is to ensure a superior degree of predictive analysis that huge positive extent affects the work.

2. Eases the day to day time consuming activities to a measured state, ultimately enhancing the level of productivity.

3. If the programming is ensured in the most correct form, the chances of error generation is reduced to a huge extent.

4. Reduces performance risks, reciprocates and ensures perilous tasks are carried out properly.

5. Finally, the mode of automation is ensured.

Will AI tools take over content writing?

Especially, after the launch of chatGPT, the content writing industry seems to feel mobilised with an unwanted pressure as in AI might replace content writing. However, that isn’t the case. These AI tools will eventually help to rectify and ease the regular content work but the human brain and creativity will be irreplaceable when it comes to curating a content on it’s own. Though these AI tools might help you in case of paraphrasing and error identification and eventual auditing however wont be able to replace manual activity at any cost.
Considering the same, we shall be focussing upon 8 content writing tools that can be used on a day to day basis to completely utilise the effectivity of AI especially in the field of content writing.

These are the 8 recommended AI tools for content writing-

  • ChatGPT
  • Bard AI
  • Writesonic
  • Hyperwrite AI
  • Rytr AI
  • Simplified AI
  • Narrato
  • AI

1. ChatGPT

Brought to light in the end of November 2022, this AI platform has taken the world on a toll. A product of open AI has taken the AI industry to the next level! Chat GPT is basically a huge internet level disruption. It was by January this year that chatGPT got over a 100 million users worldwide. A compelling tool, taking the AI prompt to a different level.


Key features of chat GPT include:

  • Ability to generate human type response
  • Query solving in no-time
  • An amazing UI
  • Provides multi-lingual solution
  • Improves Interpretability


A free tool when in use on a daily basis to ensure a superior degree of task achievement is ensured. Click on this link to get a taste of how chatGPT is-

2. Bard AI

A mind-blowing AI tool developed by Google is what all speak about. An AI that can bring all your imagination to life, take the command in the right direction and ensure a superior result. A chatbot based on the chat gp3 family is the closest competitor to chatGPT.

Bard aI

3. Writesonic

This AI tool Writesonic on the other hand is more of an SEO friendly content drafting tool. The tool’s said mission is to deliver content 10x faster than it’s competitors in the market. Backed up by global investors it delivers an epitome quality in social media, ecommerce content creation and much more.


Key features of Writesonic AI include:

  • Helps in generating newer ideas and expedite the writing process
  • Highly SEO friendly content can be developed using this tool
  • Helps to reduce writers block
  • Very useful in generating social media advertising content

You can try it out by clicking on the link redirecting to their page: Writesonic

4. Hyperwrite AI

This content writing tool provides of a more personal assistance guidance to the content writers across. It leverages cutting edge AI assistance and very much helpful in daily email drafting and content framing.

interface of hyperwrite AI

Key features of Hyperwrite AI include:

  • Creating high-end marketing copy
  • Helps in ideation and marketing strategy building
  • Helps to work faster and smarter with ease
  • Enhances the overall writing experience

Click on the link to check the effectiveness and use this tool at your ease: Hyperwrite

5. RyTr AI

Rytr is one of the lesser-known high-end content generation tool. It helps in generating very high-quality content in a very short span of time. With ease of usage and a prolific speed ensures a brilliant speed. It is also an unmatched e-mail writing tool. Let us have a look into what RyTr AI looks like-

Interface of RYtr.AI

Key features of RyTr AI include:

  • Very useful when it comes to E-mail marketing
  • Very high speed is ensured
  • Quality business ideas are induced

Want to know how this AI works? Click Here

6. Simplified AI

Simplified AI primarily states that it can create 50+ types of content in seconds from content for podcasts to social media texts and email drafts. Let us have a look into the UI of simplified AI

Interface of Simplified AI

Check the key features-

  • Very friendly UI
  • Works brilliantly for generating blogs
  • Helps in generating texts that might turn out difficult to express

Click on the link to explore this AI- Simplified AI

7. Narrato AI

This AI is all about an intuitive and organised writing assistant to simplify content ideation, creation, and optimization to get more done with less effort. Can come at handy if required to create content at a hurry and at an ease.

Interface of Narrato AI

Let’s check the key features-

  • Very useful when it comes to create a advertising content
  • Can choose the social media channel you need to work upon and create a text accordingly
  • Can add a tone of the text and associated notes that can be included

Want to use the AI? Click Here

8. Copy.AI

A hugely popular platform after chatgpt and bard and of the most usage and stands amongst the most highly preferred AI tools globally. Let’s have a look into the interface.

Let’s check the key features-

  • Highly applicable to frame PR communication drafts
  • Applicable to frame ad copies
  • Highly recommended for SEO content

Click on the given link to check the AI-

From a detailed study of the analytics and the detailed performance of the content tools, both Chatgpt and Bard would be the most synchronized, organized, and appropriate tools when it comes to framing content.


1. How to choose the best AI writer for you?

The objective of what needs to be done and how it needs to be selected solely depends upon the user’s objective. Though considering the above-mentioned tools, any of the above will eventually fulfil the desired objective of the user.

2. How do AI tools assist in generating content ideas?

Considering the very simple technique of doing so, a proper command prompt with the right set of words will eventually help in generating the idea you wish to attain from the tool.

3. Can AI tools improve the quality of writing?

The benefit of using an AI tool for content generation would be lack of plagiarism and more correct statement on the run.

5. How do AI tools help in optimizing content for search engines?

AI tools on their latest upgradation have become highly SEO friendly. Hence help in generating and optimising content for search engines.

6. Are AI tools capable of analyzing SEO performance effectively?

AI especially the content-creating AI tools have been used by SEO experts as it ensures SEO ease when it comes to curating a top-notch content.

Hence for the copywriters across, AI tools have been something that needs to be understood in order to increase usability to a far greater extent. The time has come to update into an AI expert to ensure a better workflow. Follow Digital Rosogulla, the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata for more related updates and information.