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Is your target audience spending more & more time on YouTube? Then it is time to consult Digital Rosogulla for YouTube Marketing Services & boost your brand's popularity. 1 Billion users visit YouTube everyday & what could be better than marketing your business on YouTube? Come to Digital Rosogulla with your marketing requirements and our experts will help you achieve this goal and bring more power to your brand!

Our process


Step 1

YouTube Channel Creation & Optimization

We analyze your requirement and create a YouTube Channel for your business which looks great and effective. We create captivating content & optimize the channel images content which helps in YouTube SEO.

Step 2

Channel Creative Upload

Digital Rosogulla Team uploads video content on your channel with perfect Thumbnail and correct time to get more user attention traffics. We also do A/B testing with thumbnails to get more views on YouTube videos.

Step 3

Video Keyword, Title & Description Generation

Our Team does keyword research before uploading the video on YouTube and generates related keywords, write perfect title & description for your video which helps in ranking on YouTube and Google searches and generate maximum organic YouTube traffic.

Step 6

YouTube Analytics Implementation

Digital Rosogulla Team is always result oriented so we implement YouTube Analytics and monitor all the important KPI time to time to give you the best result and depending on real-time data we ask you to optimize your content and change your content creation strategy.

Step 5

Off Page Video Promotion

Social Media is a great platform for video promotions especially Facebook and Instagram. These are highly effective platforms for video promotions. We embed your YouTube channel on social media platforms and promote them in those platforms to get more views and subscribers from there.

Step 4

Paid YouTube Video Promotion

To give result in a short time, we do mix marketing and include paid video promotions in our strategy. It's highly effective to achieve high-level growth in a short period of time.

Step 5

Conversion Monitoring

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Step 4

Community Devolopment

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Step 6

Social Tracking & Reporting

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YouTube Marketing Services Features

The YouTube video maker get more out of it than you get out of it by watching it.

Regular Posting

We are living in a world where one video of yours can drive the world mad in matter of a few minutes. Our YouTube Experts know it better.

Off Page Promotion

For the video to get viral, you need to make it viral. We focus a lot on off page promotion for exponential growth of your channel.

Paid Promotions

This is one of the most proven techniques of YouTube Marketing. Our YouTube experts have already mastered the art of paid promotion.

Why Your Business Needs It

Huge Audience

Video Marketing is going to be the next big thing. With 1 Billion + more visits every month Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine. YouTube provides your business the perfect platform to reach out to so many people at once anytime, anywhere. After all, 4 billion videos are watched every day. Staggering numbers, isn’t it? You could have them for your business as well.

Global Audience

Your business shouldn’t be within a specific physical or geographical area. With the help of YouTube you can make your business go Global and get customers for your product from all over the world. If your business is not yet on Youtube you’re probably generating leads much lesser than you actually can.

Higher Conversion

The chances of a video being watched is 10 times more than that of an article being read. “An image speaks a 1000 words” is soon going to be replaced by “A video represents millions of ideas.” Videos can evoke emotions which no form of text will ever be able to evoke. A video is going to leave behind an impression which will improve your brand recall value.

Why Are We The Best YouTube Marketing Service Provider ?

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