Digital Marketing Agencies in Kolkata: Expectation vs Reality

Before getting into the world of Digital Marketing agencies in Kolkata, we would need to know what the concept of branding is all about. Let’s look into a structured definition of branding. It is about creating a strong perception about the company in the minds of the customers through various marketing tactics and processes like designing, business strategizing, effective marketing communications, and much more.

In this world of sheer competition amongst brands, the game involves the survival of the fittest to work. In order to make your brand appear as the best and the most unique one you would need to carry out effective branding for the same you would need to get your branding done by the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata.
Now, let’s dive into the world of management definitions and check the 4 principles of branding as proposed by global marketing gurus. We would begin with

1. Brand Identity This is the primordial step that marks as the first sign of contact between the target audience and the brand. As a marketer one needs to ensure that the brand identity gets widespread awareness amongst the mass. The most strategic way to ensure a great brand identity is to pass on a message to reach out to the mass and generate a significant level of awareness.

2. Brand Meaning- The second step of branding is to attach a meaning to your brand. Your brand image should now get attached to the emotion of your audience. The way the brand Cadbury has done for itself whereas now the common public in our cities refers to any chocolate bars with the name Cadbury. The brand name has supposedly reached to such an extent whereas referring to a similar sort of product is mentioned by the brand name itself. A great degree of attachment to the minds and emotions of the customers and the general public as a whole.

3. Brand Response- With the eventual passing on of the message, the next and the most vital step would include to check the response generated. It is at the end when the response would help to identify and instigate more conversions that would eventually help in revenue generation for the brand. It must be kept in mind that the message is portrayed in such a manner that would eventually help in attaining the objective.

4. Brand Relationship- The step infused as the final stage of branding. After the three-consecutive done, a brand relationship with the customer needs to be developed. Which would include after-sales service and many more. The better is a brand’s relation with it’s customer, the better would be the retention rate and an eventual increase and growth in the brand’s ROI.

Now, let’s discuss certain myths that revolve around the general mass as for how brand agencies work in the city. There are people who consider branding to be a very minimalistic task and believe brand agencies or professionals wouldn’t be required to get one’s brand established. I will now put forward some existing myths about brand agencies and why they aren’t true to the cause.

Expectation- Digital branding is only about making posts

Well, making and publishing posts is only but a very small part of digital branding. Branding through digital platforms would include advertising in the correct manner, paid ads and promotion through various platforms and usage of digital tools to accomplish, high-quality video editing, graphic designing, lead generation and much more with an eye to attain the objective and uplift the business. Which can only and only be done by experts and professionals from this field.

Expectation- Why do digital branding through agencies when you can
make posters for your brand?

Making posters and sticking them up into the walls are very age-old concepts. Time has come to promote yourself and your brand digitally. While the whole world sticks up their nose on cell phones, it is through these platforms where a brand would need to promote itself to reach to its target audience. The time for only promoting through posters has long gone and one would need experts to carry out the same. The only way would be to contact the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata to get your job effectively done.

Expectation- Branding is only about making a design.

Let’s say the D in branding holds for design. Designing is just a part of branding, but branding comprises many things and services. Want to check what branding factors we provide?
Check this out:

Expectation- Branding, and marketing are about traveling a lot.

That isn’t at all a reality. You would just need to pass on your responsibility of yours to an agency that would sit back and make your brand shine on the online platform. Effective branding is all about the game of minds. It is when you need to get your branding done, you would need to prefer the best digital marketing company in Kolkata to get your job done.

The next question that comes forth is to whom should one go to get their branding done along with n overall improvement of their brand image. The one-stop solution would be to get your digital marketing services done from Digital Rosogulla, the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata.
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