Digital Revolution – A Successful Brand Turnaround Story

During these uncertain times, the marketing industry in India has experienced the highest level of the digital revolution and will continue to do so in the upcoming years. Consumer behavior analysis is the key to success for remarkable results through digital marketing. With the increase in digitization, it has been challenging for small businesses to operate smoothly during this pandemic!

Digital Revolution


One such story is that of IB TECHNICALS, a small coaching center based in the rural areas of Bihar. Due to the adverse effects of the global pandemic, the business was about to shut down. Classes were already forced to be stopped temporarily! Lack of capital and revenue was forcing the authorities to close the doors of the coaching center.

This is when Digital Rosogulla, the top leading digital marketing company based in Kolkata,

This is when Digital Rosogulla, the top leading Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata, comes into action. Digital Rosogulla’s CEO and Founder, Zeeshan Zafar, born and bought up in Bihar, took this as a challenge and researched day and night with his utmost experienced team members to remodel the business with his effective marketing strategies.

The team came up with a heavily detailed and researched SWOT Analysis.

•   The considerable strengths of IB TECHNICALS were its faculty staff members and their knowledge in respective fields. It was their cooperation which helped the marketing team reach their target.

•   The major weakness of the coaching center was the lack of online presence among the students and the teaching staff, due to which there were very few admissions which resulted in absolutely no lead generation.

•   The apparent opportunities to grow the business were training the teaching staff about the basic technicalities to operate online classes and to spread awareness among the children of the rural areas in Bihar.

•   The coaching center’s significant threats were financial constraints and a lack of awareness among the people to revolutionize digitally. The coaching center was on flimsy grounds and ready to shut.

Digital revolution: Introducing marketing strategies.

After innumerable brainstorming sessions, the team came up with an idea to develop an online platform, Classplus, for school management exclusively for IB TECHNICALS. A white label application for online classes would help students and the teaching staff interact with each other in just a few clicks. The in-app SMS facility helped the center to communicate within themselves more efficiently. The video content uploaded by the teachers would further help the students to learn while staying at home. Lastly, the in-store application purchases were the most reliable functionality of the application. During the development process of the application, provided the teachers and students with extensive professional training.


The center’s authorities struggled to get new students on board, and not getting enough students was possibly the most significant challenge a coaching center can face.

Zeeshan Zafar decided to run paid advertisements and planned campaigns without charging a fee to the center. Instead, the team worked hard to help the center survive and agreed on a commission basis – Revenue Sharing Model. Through Digital Advertisements, student registrations started flowing in, and very soon the centre was back on track!


Finally, all the efforts started bearing fruit!

•   They received 800 form-fill ups from potential students in a short duration of two months.

•   Over 200 new student registrations were confirmed!

•   The center generated revenue of over five lakhs!

•    Their YouTube channel was monetized, which would generate recurring revenue for them in the upcoming years.

•   They have over 6000 subscribers on their YouTube channel!

IB Technical Classes
IB Technical Classes