Best Digital Strategies for Startups to build a New Businesses

Digital strategies for Startups


Startups- The New Boost in Industrialization

Let us rewind back to the 20th of December 2021, when the eyes from all over India was glued to the television sets across their drawing rooms. A business revolution that was taking place amongst a group was slowly becoming the most discussed topic across the nation. Here we speak of Shark Tank India, a reality show and also a platform for small business owners to get their investors, the big business minds of the Country. This particular show slowly lead to an uprising of what we call startups into a bigger intent that would eventually pave a way into playing a significant role in the Indian economy and employment rate as a whole.

Let us first get to know, what a startup is and it’s functioning. It is basically a form of entrepreneurship that does to immediately intend to go public, however is a business model with it’s own set of products or services established not long that wishes to tap the market with it’s own set of strategies and develop a scalable business model.
As per 31st May 2023, there are over 99000 startups in India each trying to develop itself into an unicorn and be the game changer in this era of Industrialisation.

Finding the Right Key to Enter

Just the way every lock seems to have it’s own set of key, a business has it’s own set of solutions to cater to their problems and ultimately unlocking the key to a substantial level of achievement. The startup form of entrepreneurship in India is undoubtedly gearing up however, the problems faced by startups are quite a lot in number. Let us first get into the major problems faced and an eventual process of how to come out of such problems eventually.

7 Major Problems Faced by Startups in India:

  • Market penetration & competition
  • Lack of effective planning
  • Decision-making plans & capacity
  • In effectivity in marketing & sales
  • Problems in business scaling procedure
  • Cash flow management
  • Talent recruitment

Of these, one of the major problems that come into role is the lack of proper planning & management and eventual point of error in the sales and marketing decisions. Digital marketing is no what comes into playing a pivotal role.

Now, the question that arises is how come Digital Marketing play a major role in the upward curve & growth of any startup. Before that let us skip to the point of what Digital Marketing actually is and how it helps in brand image projection across.

Digital marketing is an eminent Out way of presenting, projecting and improving a brand’s image across the Internet. The includes the implementation of various tools and strategies that would ultimately help in the achievement of the desired goal. Before getting into more depth, let us theorise a digital marketing strategy of a startup company that has grown into a million-dollar giant now.

Heard of Paperboat right? Let us discuss a digital case study of Paperboat and it’s mass campaigns into generating a superior degree of brand awareness amongst the mass.

The #FloatABoat campaign did wonders when it came to promoting the brand through social media. The strategy followed every buyer would need to create a paperboat with the following mentioned hashtag and on every post, an amount of ₹20 was to be transferred to every needy child. The plan played well, the timelines started getting flooded with the hashtag and a brilliant organic way of marketing the brand.

Check into this strategy shared by Paperboat by clicking on the link below-

The Law- Survival of the Fittest

With almost the startup trend touching the 1lakh milestone as of 2023, the fight of survival has reached to an ultimate level. Each of these organisation’s look forward into bringing forth and establishing their product or services and creating an epitome brand image amongst their target audience. However, the simpler it might sound the reality is quite hard. With a fierce competition, from brand establishment to investor reach even the smartest startup players failed to retain themselves in the market. One of the biggest examples of such was Dazo a food tech startup that gained motion however due to excess competition was eventually lost in this game and had to quit. It is all about survival of the strongest and the smartest and more about the ones who believe in the first mover strategy. However, from the dawn of the time of the so-called modernised business setup, it is believed that the correct form of marketing plays a crucial role in the establishment and advancement of a business organisation in the long run, hence it is of higher significance to get your marketing done by the best marketing company.

If we look closely into the marketing game of Snitch, it was found that Snitch relied highly on technology when it came to promotion. From automation strategies to dependency on social media to the right set of message orientation and passing the same, Snitch established itself as a leading online D2C men’s fashion brand. Have a read on this article to learn more regarding the same.

The Right Ray Comes the Right Way

The right mannerism of getting the marketing done would be to start & chalk out the correct way the marketing strategies that are planned to be executed. Below, a few digital marketing strategies for startup organisations are shared that are bound to generate results if executed in the correct format.

Setting the Right Goals:

As per the rule of marketing management, the first step involves objective identification, the objectives of the startup that are planned to be attained needs to be identified for a smooth execution of the set of plans.

Budget Allocation & Competitor Analysis:

Investment in the most correct format is a crucial thing especially if one does so in case of marketing a brand. Budget allocation is of full necessity and so is the process of analysing the competitors that will drive sales in the long run.

Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Plans:

The suggested plans would comprise of-

  • Website Creation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • SEO &PPC
  • Influencer Marketing and so on.

In the below following, have a read regarding these strategies and how they will eventually help a startup to stand out amongst it’s competitors and deliver the best.

Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Plans:

Under this segment, detailed digital marketing strategies would be shared that will help a startup to grow if followed critically.

Website Creation– A website is like the home of the brand on the internet. Whether it’s from the B2B segment or B2C, a website will eventually boost the brand image and generate a positivity and trust amongst the audience.
Check out this fine website of Meesho.

Social Media Marketing Social Media is currently the talk of the town. Every individual out there irrespective of their age is on social media. Billions of social media users are there globally. Therefore, correct promotion if carried out through social media platforms are bound to bring you results.

Check Zomato’s superior branding creatives relating to the most watched shows globally

Effective Content Marketing– Content marketing is directly related to social media marketing. It should be about a marketing mix strategy with promotional, branding, educational, entertaining and much more with the proper message that is to be sent out there that will eventually generate result for the desired target audience.

Email Marketing If the business is from the B2B segment, email marketing is bound to generate results. Cold email and email automation processes will work in no time. Use of effective email marketing platforms would be of great focus. Have a look into Myntra’s eye catchy email marketing setup-

Myntra marketing email

SEO & PPC– Search Engine optimisation strategies would help in ranking the business on the SERP of Google and if boosted by efficient pay-per-click outbound marketing ways would be of great help.

Influencer Marketing Social Media is currently the talk of the town. Every individual out there irrespective of their age is on social media. Billions of social media users are there globally. Therefore, correct promotion if carried out through social media platforms are bound to bring you results.

How to Emerge as the Winner

If these strategies are followed and executed in the most correct format, winning would be a matter of time. If you are a startup owner and plan to get your marketing done by the best follow Digital Rosogulla, the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata.