Facebook Marketing: Strategies to Generate Revenue

social media as a marketing tool

When social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter were not trending or in other words not born yet, Facebook was the ultimate social media platform for the audience out there. Be it sharing your thoughts, sharing sets of photos from a night out, interacting with random stranger’s posts Facebook was the master of it all. In short back in the early days, Facebook was an online platform that was a trend among the youngsters. Gradually even the older generation took part in it to stay updated with the platform. However, as days passed Facebook is now been used as a platform to generate revenue and leverage monetize growth. How? In this article we are going to discuss what kind of strategies you can use to generate money from Facebook.

Facebook as a Marketing Platform

With over 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook now is widely leveraged as a marketing platform by different brands. Being one of the largest social media platforms, Facebook pushes content toward a variety of audiences,s and with the correct methods one can reach their potential customer. In recent years, Facebook has stood out to be one of the best-used platforms of social media as a marketing tool.

What is Facebook Marketing?

In the world of digital marketing, Facebook plays a huge role for individual brands in establishing their brand identity. To put in simple words, Facebook marketing is the process through which brands put forward their products in front of the whole world. It is executed through both organic and inorganic paid ads.

Brands market their products on Facebook by using the right creatives, and innovative videos and pushing them altogether through organic marketing as well as via highly targeted paid ads.

Is Facebook Marketing really important?

is facebook marketing important

For a long time, marketers have leveraged social media marketing as a marketing strategy in order to grow their brands. Noticing the cost and effectiveness of offline marketing along with the rapid growth of users on online platforms, brands have shifted their marketing on such platforms and Facebook is the centre of such marketing campaigns. Having a Facebook page helps brands tap potential customers, gain trust and engage with the current set of audience, easily market their products and also be resource to guide users to the respective websites or have a direct conversation in case of queries.

What are the benefits of Facebook marketing?

Now that we have discussed about what is Facebook marketing and why it is important, let’s have a look at the advantages or benefits of using Facebook- a social media as a marketing tool.

  • Zero Cost- Unlike creating a banner or an offline poster, launching a Facebook Page in order to establish yourself literally costs ZERO money. All you need is a legitimate Facebook profile and using that you can create your own Facebook for your audience. Later you can customize the page according to the tonality of the respective brand.
  • Wide Audience Reach- With over 2.9 billion monthly active users, Facebook definitely stands out to be one most used social media platform. This helps any business to reach a whole lot wider number of audience by using just one single platform. Not only that, Facebook also covers audience from various demographics which in return is beneficial for detailed targeting.
  • Cost Effectiveness- Recent insights portray that Facebook still stands out to be a cheaper option in case of running Ads as compared to Google Ads. A particular Facebook AD might cost around $0.94 per click and $12.07 per 1000 impressions, whereas Google ADs might cost a minimum CPC of $50. This comparison clearly proves the point of Facebook Ads being cost effective and budget friendly.
  • Simple In Terms of Lead Generation- Another reason why anyone should include Facebook as one of their marketing platforms is due to its easier and simpler methods of generating leads. Be it through a form of a Facebook AD or through the usage of custom call to actions under each post, it helps the audience to reach out to the businesses easily. This in return helps in generating more number of leads along with higher number of conversions.
  • Easy Access to Multiple Platforms- Facebook with the help of its mother brand- META, have access to Instagram as well. With the help of Meta Business Suite, both Instagram and Facebook can be connected to each other. This helps in easy publishing of content, tracking insights, managing interactions on both platforms as well running Ads on each of them from the same platform.

Growth Marketing Via Facebook

In order to grow your business or brand through Facebook, the road gets divided into two ways- Organic Growth Marketing and Inorganic Growth Marketing. Let’s have a look at what we mean by these terms.  

  1. Organic Growth Marketing- When one uses the term ‘Organic Growth Marketing’ it means the way of growing organically on the platform, that is growing without the help of paid ads. This is tracked by the number of audience who saw that particular post which was not pushed through ads, but instead was pushed organically via algorithm of that platform.
  2. Inorganic Growth Marketing- By the name of the title ‘Inorganic’ it is quite clear that Inorganic Growth Marketing is the exact opposite of Organic Growth Marketing. In the Inorganic Marketing, the growth is tracked and pushed by investing money in it in the form of paid advertisements. Like other digital platforms- Google and YouTube, Inorganic Marketing is a highly relevant method practised by both big and small brands on Facebook due to its advantages. Let’s have a quick look at some of the advantages of Inorganic Growth Marketing.
  • Detailed audience segmentation
  • Track conversion easily through tools like Meta Pixel
  • Getting variety of AD formats
  • Availability of custom CTA
  • Flexible high end display promotion


This article in detailed covered what is Facebook Marketing and how it can be beneficial for anyone who is willing to elevate their business or the growth of a brand with the help of Facebook and its marketing tactics. That being said, if you are an entrepreneur and looking forward to establish your brand in the market, it is the time to contact the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata.  So, the time is right to contact us at the earliest.