Is It True? Your Content Writing Job Is At Risk Because Of Generative AI

The advent of generative AI such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Writesonic has made people excited as much as apprehensive. Excited because it means more content in less time. Scared because will that lead to job loss?

Is your job at risk for Generative AI?

No doubt that AI is revolutionizing each and every industry, which includes content writing. But as AI is becoming more advanced with numerous capabilities, there is a growing fear and unease among writers and other professionals- will they lose their jobs to these machines? The question can’t be answered with a simple yes or a no. So let’s break down this complex question, shall we?

But first, What is Generative AI? How Does it Work?

These are artificial intelligence models that allow users to generate new content through prompts. The content produced can be in the form of text, images, or video.

These models employ Natural Language Generation (NLG) to process data and then transform it into understandable written text. A huge amount of information is collected from existing data on which the AI models are trained. Neural networks are utilized to understand statistical patterns within these data which are then used to create new content.

How Does AI Assist in Content Writing?

Many AI writing tools, some of the most popular being ChatGPT, Jasper, Writesonic, Scribe, etc., provide various advantages in content writing.

  • They help generate ideas– Many a time as writers we fail to brainstorm ideas based on which we create content. By using the right prompts, you can now leverage AI to generate ideas.
  • Save time and boost efficiency– Since AI delivers content at break-neck speed, it is helpful in saving time. As a result, you can use that saved time for doing a more important task thus increasing your efficiency.
  • Help in writing content in various languages– Be it writing in English, Hindi, or even Spanish, you can use AI writing tools to write in a language of your choice.

There are many more advantages of using AI writing tools that are explored here.

What’s the Reception for AI?

There are differing views on how Generative AI will impact the content writing landscape.

Many content writers are of the opinion that the quality of AI-generated content is outdated and unusable.

Then there are others who believe that their usage will automate repetitive content writing tasks and increase productivity.

It is truly a battle of perspectives.

However, it is crucial to grasp the fact that AI is here to stay and will continue to evolve. Several individuals and companies have already started incorporating AI into their daily tasks. With AI-powered writing tools offering several benefits, it’s no wonder many companies are opting for AI to drive their business.

As a result, there have emerged a few cases of job loss in the content writing field.

According to a report by McKinsey, it is indicated that 30 percent of the current workforce will be automated due to AI.

Yet many are still dismissive of it and are instead operating on the mistaken notion that AI will not impact their lives.

I mean, who would have thought that at some point of time, social media will dominate our lives? Not only in our personal lives but also in the work domain. And yet, here we are.

With how AI keeps developing constantly and speedily, there will come a time when AI writers will become more competent and versatile. This could very well pose a huge challenge to traditional content writers.

Don’t Give Up Hope Yet Writers!

Those who are thinking that the end of the content writing profession is near, hold your horses! It’s not game over for you yet as AI-generated content still requires human touch.

AI is pretty limited in some aspects which we will be discussing next.

Problems with AI-writing Tools

  • Creativity is limited– Though AI tools can be used to yield creative output, it is still hard to beat the level of human creativity. Viewing a particular thing from different angles is what humans are highly capable of. This is one aspect that AI is yet to surpass humans.
  • They lack judgement- It is still difficult for AI writers to tell the difference between good and bad content, and thus require human involvement. It also lacks the ability to exactly understand the context and objectives of a particular content.
  • Lacks variation- They still don’t have the ability to write in different writing styles and bring variation in writing. In addition, AI writers are unable to write in a seamless flow that human writers can do effectively.
  • Produces possible plagiarized content- Since AI writing tools draw content from related sources, there can be the possibility of AI generating plagiarized content. This increases the risk of the content getting penalized by search engines.

Because of all these issues, your writing skills will come in handy for reviewing and editing content, and coming up with high-quality prompts.

Will Generative AI Replace Content Writers Completely?

As AI writers are more cost-efficient, companies will increasingly try to replace human writers with them- that’s the bitter reality. Low-tier content writers are more prone to getting affected by it.

But the silver lining is that you can avoid being wiped out by AI through self-development. Constantly upskilling yourself, diversifying, and mastering the use of AI tools is the way to save your employment. Not only that, this can be your gateway to even better job opportunities.

Human and AI

Though no one knows what the future holds, it is generally accepted that working alongside AI and robots will be the new norm. The sooner content writers embrace this fact, the better it is for them.

History is a testament to the fact that humans have a great ability to adapt and evolve. This special ability makes us unique and irreplaceable. So what content writers should do is adapt to the inevitable change and work with AI as fellow colleagues.

Let AI be your best friend in the enhancement of work, not your rival, and you will flourish in your career.

If you need more guidance on how to employ AI in content writing or want good content writing to scale your business, contact us today.