The Sweet Success of Monginis: How Digital Rosogulla’s and Facebook Ads Conquered the Dessert Market

1. Introduction

The love for desserts has been there for ages. Desserts have even been called as stress busters for many and undoubtedly a sign of love and affection in the society. Be it a festivity or a birthday bash, a good dessert after a hefty meal steals the limelight of the table.

A good dessert is just like a good friend that can ultimately uplift one’s mood. In this blog, we shall be talking about Monginis, one of the biggest and the finest confectionary in India played a valiant marketing strategy using paid advertisement in META (Facebook) with the help of their official marketing partner Digital Rosogulla that helped in attaining a desired level of ROI in the West Bengal market.

Facebook Ads Strategy

We shall underneath look into a few FB advertising strategies that were initiated in order to attain the desired level of outcome for Monginis West Bengal.

2. About Facebook ads

Facebook ads or better known as META ads are a tool of Facebook to advertise any particular creative or video across the Facebook home page. The main objective of the advertisement is to reach out to a maximum number of people as possible especially in a targeted manner, so that the conversion rate is significantly higher with a greater ROAS. Let us see an example,

Hostinger social media Ads example

I’m sure you have noticed something like this while scrolling through your Facebook. This is what a sponsored post or a Facebook ad is all about. It is all about reaching to more number of people with the part of maximising revenue generation as kept in mind.

For Monginis Celebrations, Digital Rosogulla is the go to digital marketing company when it comes to creating an effective Facebook Ads Strategy. We

shall furthermore discuss the exact Facebook Ads Strategy that were implemented for Monginis West Bengal social media handles for a correct and a desired output achievement.

monginis Instagram

The Official Instagram Handle

monginis facebook

The Official Facebook Handle

All the Facebook advertisements have run using these Instagram and Facebook handles to attract and reach out to the correct set of audience.

3. Advertising campaign initiation process

Every campaign initiation begins with something we call as a plan. The advertising campaign for Monginis West Bengal too began in the very same manner. The initial objective was identified which was to make the social media posts reach maximum number of the residents of the state be it from both rural and the urban sectors using the social media purposely.

We started with identifying the ad campaign objective identification process.

Meta ads

We had selected amongst these set of objectives as in the Engagement campaign to plan the exact set of activities for the ad campaign to be successful. However every ad campaign needs the targeting to be very much apt.

Facebook Ads set

The correct form of targeting the audience can always lead to providing with acceptable results.

The ad copy framework is equally important as in curating an advertisement creative or a video. The correct words always tend to bring in the TG into an action phase. Let us check the result of the same ad and what it achieved.

Meta Ads result

Keeping the ad investment as it is, looking closely we can identify our CPR to be only ₹0.04

4. How the execution proceeded

Keeping the above mentioned points into role, let’s share some of the creatives/ad placements on which we have run the ads.

Monginis facebook ads

With the correct set of TG identification, selection and reaching out to the right people these ads were executed.

For this period especially for the Pre-Puja campaign we had reached with more than 5 lakh people just through paid advertisements and an epitome of Facebook Ads Strategy by Digital Rosogulla.

5. Conclusion

As mentioned in the above segment, we can clearly understand and Identify that ad framework isn’t only the factor that plays a role behind a campaign’s success but other ways that lead to success and an eventual revenue generation. So, If you the reader wish to get the business revenue increased with effective Facebook Ads Strategy contact Digital Rosogulla, the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata, right now.