The importance of Digital Marketing for your Brand & why to get a proper Agency to do so

Origin of Marketing

Before diving into the concept of Digital Marketing, let us know what Marketing is all about and the exact of its’ origins. Though the concept of exchange of goods comes from the dawn of our civilization, yet with the gradual flow of time, a standardized concept came to tackle the mishaps associated with this process of exchange. Keeping the Latin term of this process referred to as ‘Marcatus’, the term marketing was introduced to the World.

The overall credit to the concept of Marketing is far wider than we intend to assume. With the intend to market the product one had in surplus led to travel and simultaneously a global connection leading to connectivity like never before, people of various caste and creeds came together to market and eventually helped in shaping up a global civilization that marked the rise of brands, shaped a Nation’s economy, a constant rise in wealth and many more. Marketing has played a vital role in the evolutionary track of Mankind.


Now with the passage of this unending cycle of time, the modus operandi revolving around marketing has changed a way lot. The reason for such is primarily the concept of need and want.

Let’s put our feet on this paddle of time and drive ahead to the modern world when the world is united and the global brands have started establishing themselves to cater to the needs and everyday arising demands of the global customers with a challenge to fulfill that and appear as the best.

Birth of Brands

We move to the very beginning of the twentieth century when the world is in turmoil yet making newer discoveries and inventions to cater to and simplify the lifestyle of the modern age human beings, similarly when the car was a matter of extreme luxury and motor was a thing to be discussed only in mechanics classes, Ford played a role in marketing their cars like no other. To penetrate the modern markets, the plan they brought forward was affordability. The model T-Ford was brought forward for the burgeoning middle-class people.

Ford car traditional ads

Lets’ move on to what McDonalds did during the 1950s-

The focus primarily was on the first P of marketing. Price. The introduction of McDonalds in the United Nations was a shift and made a big revolution in the lifestyle of Americans back then. The affordability and the taste made a drastic outcome on the lifestyle of the Americans and changed the culture forever.

McDonalds Marketing

The people from that age didn’t know how marketing would change in the coming era and how those huge billboards would pave a way into fitting themselves on a small screen and reach millions in a day.

We move ahead to the very beginning of the twenty-first century, a young group of Harvard graduates made a platform that would shake the world, its economy, and the overall lifestyle of the citizens, this marked the creation of a new world into our home planet We come to know about Facebook. Similarly, 6 years prior to this event another platform came into existence that too would become a household name, Google. Minds have been unified through these platforms and have helped us in a great lot.

These 2 major platforms and their unification somewhat lead to a rise of a newer and more standard yet less complicated form of Marketing that we refer to as Digital marketing and all that to which this blog is all about.

digital marketing platform

So, to the ones who have a negligible to a very minute knowledge of Digital Marketing, let me tell you all what this form of marketing is all about and why the world is tending to shift to this field.

I would like to begin with a small question for my readers,

Do you know how much a physical brand promotion costs a company?

The cost not only involves a monetary involvement yet the involvement of a lot of people, time, and many other resources. The major problem of physical marketing. Digital Marketing eliminates all such errors and brings about a smooth marketing process.

What & Why Digital Marketing

Now let’s check a designed definition of Digital Marketing-

Digital Marketing in the lamest form can be defined as a way of promoting through online platforms and advertising through the same to ensure a significant level of ROI.

The world is starting to assume and eventually trust the fact that Digital Marketing can bring about wonders when implemented correctly and by an experienced group of marketing professionals to create a huge benefit for one’s brand.

Let’s check into what areas are included in Digital Marketing that can help you shape up and eventually help you to rise like a shining phoenix in this age of tough battle of brands and massive competition.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Website Development and Maintenance.
  • Content Marketing.
  • YouTube Marketing.
  • Internet Marketing Analysis and Data Analyzation.
  • Graphic and Video Designing
  • Marketing Ideation and strategizing and many more.

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