Tips to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

It doesn’t matter if we are new or old users of Instagram. The thing that all users or creators want is to be visible. Instagram is the latest platform to turn yourself into a celebrity and reach millions.

instagram algorithm

Now in this area of competition especially on platforms like Instagram growing has become extremely difficult. You might feel like it is extremely difficult to grow on Instagram but in reality, it isn’t. In this blog, we shall talk about specific tips and tricks to break and beat the Instagram algorithm. Before that let us know what, this Instagram algorithm is all about.

Before everything…

What is an Algorithm??

This is nothing but a fancy term for certain aspects that make the functions and activities on Instagram the way it is. Every account on Instagram performs according to this algorithm. So, your getting hit on such platforms obviously depends upon such algorithms. Now, each section of Instagram be it the feed, or the search section all have different algorithms. Your post or video ranking strategies would need to take such algorithms into consideration to be a hit amongst the mass.

Frankly speaking, there are multiple ways to increase your followers on Instagram. Getting 10k or 50k followers is not necessarily a very tough job if your plan of action is correct. There are multiple organizations and agencies that use such strategies to help you rank at the top.

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Let us now check certain factors that you need to take if you wish your content to rank or in simple terms to get famous on Instagram like a lot other-


1. Creation of relevant content (Trending ones)-

Now, this as you see is something of extreme concern. Always try on developing such content that amuses or brings about an interest in the minds of the general public on the platform. If one notices carefully, the trending posts usually have significant likes, comments, and saves as they are relevant to content and trending. One can try to follow such and implement a similar strategy as the first step in cracking the Instagram algorithm.

2. Posting reels frequently-

The information would be incomplete if we do not mention the given point. Reels are something that is trending on social media to a high extent these days. People while checking social media never miss out on reels and they are eventually something that gets hit instantly if one posts reels at regular intervals the chances of increased views and followers would be undoubtedly higher when not doing the same.

3. Post when your audience is online-

The question that arises, in the beginning, is how to identify or figure out when your audience is going to be online. We have primarily 2 steps to identify the same. Firstly, we have Instagram insights that are extremely helpful while allowing us to understand when our engagement is usually higher helping us to get a clear understanding of when our customers are online secondly would need a common understanding by following the trends of our customers helping in understanding their time and duration on Instagram and that would be the right time to post as engagement would be significantly higher.

4. Using correct hashtags-

Though Instagram provides us with an opportunity to provide 30 hashtags that don’t necessarily mean you need to do so. By using correct hashtags, it means using the hashtags that match your post with which you are providing and not something which is irrelevant to the content which is being shared.

5. Try out posting carousels in your feed-

Now what do carousels do and how can they really be beneficial? Other than posting the same regular format of posts, try out carousels, they help in providing more information within a single post and the swiping left system is engaging helping the audience to remain hooked up till the last slide which would actually play a role in helping your post to get more engagements than the usual ones.

6. Trying out new features as soon as they are launched-

It is every now and then that Instagram launches a new feature. The one who doesn’t explore never gets to see the best. Trying out new features within Instagram as and when launched will automatically help your posts get a better engagement, so never miss out on trying the new features as it is an integral part to crack and be on top as for the Instagram algorithms are concerned.

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Follow these steps to see your Instagram account getting more reach followers, reach, and engagement in no time!!