Traditional vs Digital Marketing! Which is better and why??

Traditional vs Digital Marketing

Hey, are you looking for the answer to Traditional vs Digital Marketing? Today we will know about it in detail so that you can easily understand which is the better choice for you?

Businessmen have been worried due to the current pandemic and shut down of businesses. However, during the lockdown, there are massive growth opportunities for all businesses to make themselves even more profitable.

So, let’s read about Traditional vs Digital Marketing in detail.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Through digital marketing, we promote our business over the internet and try to get more and more customers with a low investment.

What Is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is also used for promoting businesses or companies, but this marketing works offline. It uses Pamphlets, Hoarding, TVs Ads, And News Paper Ads.

Now we know about Digital Marketing and traditional marketing. Let’s go further and understand Traditional Vs Digital Marketing.

Traditional vs Digital Marketing


If you promote your business with the help of digital marketing, then it will be cheaper for you.


Let’s assume it takes 1 rupee to make your pamphlets and 1 rupee to distribute it, then it costs 2 rupees to distribute a pamphlet and if you distribute 400 pamphlets, then You pay 800, and you can reach 400 people only.

But if you invest 1200 in social media with the help of digital marketing, then you can easily reach at least 7000 people. So digital marketing is quite cheap and affordable.

Digital marketing cost effective

Quick Reach

In traditional Marketing, you might place a banner or hoarding, but still people might not see it. It might take quite long to reach many people.

However, if you run ads on social media, then you can easily reach lacs of people in a day. You can show ads to people with lightning speed.

Target Audience

If you put up a hoarding, your hoarding will be visible to people who are not interested in your business as well. Have you ever thought about that?

However, if you go through Social media Ads, then you can choose a particular audience, age group, or any filter as per your needs. When you search on the Internet about anything, your data gets saved, and in that way, you start seeing ads related to the same thing. It is through digital marketing agencies that you can also show ads to people who might be interested!

So, if you reach 1,00,000 people on social media, they will be your target audience. So the chances of getting more sales increases!

In traditional marketing, It’s not possible for any niche or specific targeting.

digital marketing audience targeting

Perfect Tracking Tools

You might put up 1 hoarding and distribute 1000s of pamphlets in different areas. However, when you get customers, you will still not get to know which one was successful. There’s no way to track which pamphlet or hoarding worked.

But when you use social media or google ads, you will get all sorts of Google Analytics and performance results. So, you will be able to formulate your future marketing strategies in a better way. The spillover will be very less.

Control Over Ads

When you run digital ads, you can stop them whenever you want. It could be that people are not liking your product. If you feel that the results are not impressive, you can stop your ads.

However in traditional marketing, you won’t even get to know whether it is working or not, forget about control over it.

Traditional Vs Digital Marketing
Traditional Marketing  Digital Marketing
Not Cost Effective.  Cost-effective.  
Lack of Tracking Tools.  Perfect tracking tools.  
Relatively slow reachFast Reach 
Lesser Control over Ads.  Control over Ads.  
Targetting cannot be done  Proper Targetting

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