Top 5 Website Designing Companies in Malda to Help Your Business Stay on Top in the Competitive Market

Are you looking for a website designing company in Malda but not sure which one is right for you? Don’t worry! In this article, we have handpicked the most popular and highly-rated companies that are known for delivering attractive websites.

Website Designing Companies in Malda

But first, let’s get to know why a website is necessary for your business

Now before jumping straight to the list, it is extremely important to know how you can shortlist and choose the SEO agency in Howrah which will suit the demands for your business and will help you in achieving your SEO goals. Let us have a look at some of the points which will help you in doing so.

  • If you establish a business and wish for people to know about it from far and wide, a website helps achieve it. It creates a presence for your business online which aids in reaching your target audience.
  • A website makes your business look more professional. It also helps to build trust with customers and establish credibility. If your business does not have a website in this digital age, then people are more likely not to trust it easily.
  • It is a means to showcase your products and services 24×7 without any geographic barrier. When you only have an offline store, its visibility is limited to a certain radius of its location. But with a website, these products can be viewed by anyone, anytime and anywhere.
  • The most exciting purpose of a website is the new customers it helps attract and thus generate more revenue in the process. When a well-optimized website ranks high on SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages), it allows the target audience who are searching with relevant keywords to easily find the website.
  • A website is also a great way to display the reviews and testimonials received from clients as social proof. If your business has been featured in newspaper articles or popular blogs, you can even feature those on the website.

Website Designing Company in Malda- Listing the Top 5 Companies

Brand Rating
Digital Rosogulla
4.9 Star
iMiMDesign Co.
4.9 Star
4.9 Star
4.9 Star
4.8 Star

1. Digital Rosogulla-

Digital rosogulla's logo

When it comes to website design and development, Digital Rosogulla undoubtedly tops the list. The team is equipped with creative design skills like none other and has the right know-how for modern website designs. An effective website does not run only on how attractive it looks but depends on other factors as well such as page speed, user experience, and SEO, among others. Digital Rosogulla’s expert team members make sure that all these factors are applied while creating a website and go above and beyond to meet their clients’ expectations.  

Other services offered in addition to Web design and development:

  • Graphic Designing and Video Making
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Google Business Listing (GMB)
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Logo Designing
  • Ad Campaigns/PPC
  • Influencer Marketing

Clients they have partnered with:

Team Digital Rosogulla has successfully worked with 100+ esteemed clients across different industries and delivered the absolute best. Some of these clients include Monginis, Beelive, Colossum Fitness, UNO Kids, Gold’s Gym, etc.

List of brands who have worked with DRIN- Influencer marketing company in kolkata

Feedback from some of their clients:

Digital Rosogulla's Clients' testimonials

Social Media Links:

Contact Information:

Phone no- +91-74394 93501


Address- BK- 147, Ground Floor, Near SOS Children’s Village, BK Block, Sector II, Bidhannagar, Kolkata-700091

2. iMiMDesign Co. (4.9/5)

A well-known website designing company in Malda, iMiMDesign boasts of delivering high-quality digital services to over 450 clients. They have been in business for over 3 years now and designed good websites for every business type.

Other services offered in addition to Web design and development:

  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • App Development
  • Printing & Delivery
  • Technical Courses

Contact Information:

Phone no.- +91 8001 8233 87

Email ID-

3. Syscogen (4.9/5)

Syscogen Cognitech Pvt. Ltd. offers excellent IT services along with web development services. The main priority of the company’s web design team is client satisfaction and therefore focuses on delivering user-friendly and attractive websites that align with their clients’ needs.

Other services offered in addition to Web design and development:

  • Logo Design and Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Writing

Contact Information:

Phone no.- +91 9851 339 580 / +91 900 2895 900

Email ID-

4. Aroloma (4.9/5)

Aroloma's logo

With branches also in Kolkata, Siliguri, and Murshidabad, this website development company in Malda has been providing digital services, including website design and custom software solutions since its inception in 2016. During these glorious years, they have worked for numerous clients and helped them reach their business goals.

Other services offered in addition to Web design and development:

  • Digital Solutions
  • Android & iOS
  • CRM Softwares
  • E-Commerce
  • Micro Finance

Contact Information:

Phone no.- +91-9091787301 / +91-7501622856

Email ID- /

5. Skylarweb (4.8/5)

Skylarweb's logo

Skylarweb consists of a team of website designers who are committed to making cutting-edge and responsive websites for their clients. For 4 long years, the team has consistently delivered well-designed websites to over 300 clients.

Other services offered in addition to Web design and development:

  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design

Contact Information:

Phone no.- 91+ 7098022024

Email ID-


How much does a website development company in Malda usually charge?

There is no fixed price for designing and developing a website. The charges for website design can differ based on various factors such as the size of the company, technologies used, the expertise and experience of the developer, the amount of time invested, the complexity of the website’s design, and much more. A website developer in Malda will charge somewhere between Rs 8000 and Rs 15000 per month.

What is the main difference between a static website and a dynamic website?

In the case of a static website, the information displayed will remain the same for every user accessing it. It is only when one manually modifies the HTML source code that you can see something different.

In a dynamic website, the content shown is different for different individuals depending on the actions taken by the user.

How long does it generally take to design and develop a website?

If you wish to build a website that is simple and contains only a few pages, it can take several hours or a few days. If the website is more complex with a lot of intricacies, the development time can sometimes even extend to a few months.


The business world has come to a point where not having a website can cut you off from the highly competitive market. Therefore a website is very important to stay ahead of the competition. We hope that you find the perfect company from the above-mentioned list that will help your business achieve great success.

If you wish to take your business to the next level globally, kindly contact Digital Rosogulla today.