5, Top Influencer Marketing Company in Kolkata for Helping Your Business to Build Influence

Influencer marketing company in kolkata

Are you thinking about an Influencer and want to approach a good Influencer marketing Company in Kolkata?

We all are Living in the world of Social media, Social Media has started dominating our lives. Billions of people use Social Media From this “Influencer Marketing” has emerged which helps to connect with their target Audience Easily.

Who Is an Influencer?

In Simple words, an Influencer is a person who has the ability to influence their target audience to buy a particular product or service by promoting them on Social Media. These Individuals have the ability to shape their opinions to a vast Engaged Audience.

Lifestyle Influencer
Content Creator

What is Influencer Marketing?

Collaboration between Big Brands and Influencers for promoting or selling products and Services this process is known as Influencer Marketing.

Example of Influencer Doing Influencer Marketing:
a influencer performing marketing through digital platform

Hope, you are clear about the concept of Influencer and Influencer Marketing

Now, Understand Why to Choose an Influencer Marketing Company in Kolkata.

  • Easy-to-Reach Target Audience: Influencers have specialized audiences that help every business to reach their Target Audience.
  • Help to Boost your Brand: With the help of Influencer Marketing, you can easily grow your brand. Influencers help to increase brand awareness among the target audience as a result they help to grow Followers and increase your website and Social media visitors.
  • Content &Campaign Creation: Influencer Marketing Companies help to create a unique Campaign that helps to attract more viewers to the Campaign.
  • Results Driven by Data: Agencies track campaign performance using different Analytics tools which helps to understand the result of the Campaign.

Now, you have to understand all the important aspects of Influencer Marketing so let’s move forward toward listing the Best 5 Influencer Marketing Companies in Kolkata which you can consider during your research.


DRIN (Digital Rosogulla Influencer Networking) is one of the leading influencer Marketing companies in Kolkata. DRIN is one of the best Companies that has the perfect blend of Marketing and Viral Spices. It helps to Collaborate with high-end Influencers with their In-house Digital Marketing team.

If you want to go Viral or want to Make a Collab with big brands then DRIN is the best Solution for all the Influencers. The Team of DRIN Is very creative and helps you to customize your strategy according to your goal and help you to reach your target Audience.

What they are Doing? 

  1. Finding the Right Influencer for the brands
  2. Helping Influencers in Price Negotiation
  3. Helping in Campaign Execution and Ideation

 Contact Details 

Brands They worked with
List of brands who have worked with DRIN- Influencer marketing company in kolkata
DRIN Influencers
our Influencers

2. Digiprism

Digiprism logo

Digiprism is an Influencer marketing company that helps to build trust between influencers and brands. They also do Affiliate marketing attached to Influencer marketing. Their work is to connect brands to different Influencers according to brands’ needs and budgets.

Some of their famous Influencer Channel are:

  1. Brand Ambassador Programmes
  2. Coupon & Review Sites.
  3. Partnership Development
  4. Coupon Sites.

Contact Details:

   Phone number – +91 7890919225

   E-Mail: support@digiprism.in

3. Aspire

Aspire logo

Aspire is an Influencer Marketing Company that helps your business or brand to grow with the increase in sales. It helps to increase brand awareness and help in building customer relations. Aspire use hashtag that tell “They don’t create brands they Reveal them”.

Contact Details

   Phone number – +91 6289831240

   Email: info@aspiremarketers.com

4. SB Infowaves

SB infowaves logo

SB Infowaves is also an Influencer Marketing Company in Kolkata. They help to create a strong online presence that connects with your audience and leaves an impression that helps you to build a strong social media profile with the help of Influencers.

What they are Doing?

  1. Help to Build a Customize Strategy
  2. Engagement Work
  3. Help to Reach your Goal.

Contact Details:

Phone number – +91 9163413459

Email: subhasish.mitra@sbinfowaves.com

5. Influglue

InfluGlue is a Technology Driven Influencer Marketing Company. They help small size Business connect with Influencers and also help to uplift your brands with high profiles of Influencers. Influglue helps to monetize your social media platforms. They offer different and Dynamic Influencer Marketing Services that include SMM, MEME marketing, etc.

What they are Doing?

  1. Help to Create Campaign
  2. Discover to help Influencers
  3. Help in the Execution of The Campaign

Contact Details:

   Phone number – +91 9830015441    

   Email: contact@Influglue.com

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. What is the purpose of influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a way used by brands to promote their products or services by working with social media influencers. In order to increase the visibility of the brand, it makes use of the influencer’s authority and network.

2. How can I pick the best influencer marketing firm?

Firstly, think about your objectives, your budget, and your goal of what you want for your agency from them. Then find an agency with expertise in your niche and values that match your objectives.

3. How can I assess an influencer marketing campaign's effectiveness?

You can easily measure the result of the Campaign through KPI (key performance Indicator) Check the CTR, Engagement rates, and Conversation. These indicators are used by the Agency to measure the results.

4. What is the Budget for doing Influencer Marketing?

The Budget for Influencer Marketing depends on the campaign you are doing for the Brand. The estimated budget for Influencer marketing will start from 5000 and will go up to lakhs.


I hope you can understand each and every important point that is made in the blog. The emergence of social media helps in the rise of Influencer marketing and these agencies act as a link between companies and Influencers.

If you are a rising Influencer or want to grow your social media through big brand collaboration feel free to call on this number- (+91) 7439493501. We help you in every possible way.