Monginis Bakes Up Influencer Marketing Success with Digital Rosogulla

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1. How can an organised marketing campaign lead to a comprehensive brand success?

The vitality of a marketing campaign depends upon a lot of factors both measurable and unmeasurable ones. From the stage of planning to putting the final nail of execution, just how the raw ingredients while baking a cake is considered and mixed in essential amounts, it is similar to the completion of a marketing campaign. The co-relation amongst these both have been put forward just in order to relate that all the tiniest things combine to frame a solid foundation to the final product or the outcome as we may say to the campaign.

We shall be next focussing on to why a campaign should be organised in terms that can benefit a brand’s growth at a positive note.
If we take certain pointers into consideration,

  • Brand Visibility & Awareness
  • Creating Effective Content Ensuring TG Engagement
  • Ensuring Adaptability
  • Brand Equity Building Strategy
  • Multi-Channel Approaches

We shall discuss below how Digital Rosogulla worked to curate an Influencer marketing campaign for Monginis Bakery in West Bengal during the festive month of October that leveraged the digital growth of the brand in the state.

2. Digital Marketing- The key to attaining the desirables

The kingship of marketing has been drifted to the digital world on a complete sense. With keeping the basic activities of marketing work in hand, the platform has shifted to the digital world along with the associated and relevant tools in action. From the multi-dollar brands to the new age startups every single business in focusing on the digital world for the purpose of branding or be lead generation at a state.

Digital campaigns are the new ball-game on the run to secure a superior position in the market.

From leading activities like Social Media Marketing, SEO, Creative designing, website development, E-commerce management to a world class influencer marketing service all are a way to secure and set up as a successful standard for a business to achieve the desirables.

If all these activities are carried forward in the finest manner ensure a superior degree of work in the marketing arena for a brand that shall eventually help in the process of brand objective fulfilment.
This key called Digital Marketing if carried in a righteous manner shall bring results in a good way.

Underneath, we shall be discussing if Influencer marketing is a top level strategy to attain the outcomes for a brand digitally and how it can benefit a brand in regards to the final result.

3. Is Influencer Marketing a proficient strategy in attaining the outcome

Before understanding about the in-depth strategy, we need to understand what the basic concept of Influencer Marketing is all about. It is basically a strategy to get in collaboration with one or a set of influential individuals from a particular industry or niche to promote a similar niched brand to attain the desired level of outcome. The prior concept of celebrity marketing is slowly getting a shift to Influencer Marketing.

Below, pointed out are the factors that determine the proficiency of Influencer Marketing for a brand.

  • Significant level of credibility & trust
  • Higher degree of authenticity & reliability
  • Direct line engagement and Interaction
  • Specific & targeted reach
  • Marketing leading to cost effectiveness

Digital Rosogulla the name as it comes to providing significant influencer marketing service had curated a marketing strategy for Monginis West Bengal . Let us below have a look into how the following have been framed as for this concerned.

4. How has Digital Rosogulla helped Monginis attain a successful campaign during the festivities

With the dawn of Durga Puja the campaign execution took it’s role. We shall be discussing on how we did proceed for the campaign and what the overall execution process was.

We shall start with the objective definition and the problem statement that had been received. The fact of footfall generation and an overall branding was something that was the initial intel. The ultimate objective was to create a superior level of hype around Durga Puja and footfall generation during the festivities. The target was to focus primarily on the Monginis store near the prime Puja Pandals.

How did we achieve that?

We got in touch with the finest Influencers of the state. From the forte of food to lifestyle multiple Influencers were selected along with the finest shoutout pages of the state.
We had selected about 8 top-notch influencers and asked them to promote the stores using a storyline as in highlighting the stores, the puja special products were highlighted and the store area promoted and the audience had been urged to visit the store.

Similarly, we had used 12 local shoutout pages for promotion where a reel was promoted focussing on to the puja-based products and Monginis as a whole.

Similarly, we had used 12 local shoutout pages for promotion where a reel was promoted focussing on to the puja-based products and Monginis as a whole.

5. Ending Note

Influencer marketing service has been something that has benefitted brands across. Similarly, this campaign for Monginis turned out to be successful.
If you wish to get a similar influencer marketing service for your brand, contact Digital Rosogulla today